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One must however be wary of fitting times and dates, I have already posted about this elsewhere. In short not all events in our lives fit to the day when we are using rectification. Things can happen on day 1 and hit us emotionally a month later. Not all events sink in right away, or have an effect on us.


Ballard, Paul R. An astrological magazine published in Spanish for students, astrologers and all people interested in the study of astrology. Dosshi, Nirjarra C. Most people are now choosing to get their software via download, and I've found the process to be very effective. Box Burton, WA

That is why letting software do the work for us can be dangerous. What we find must be within the realm of reason, a birth time that falls 30 to 40 minutes away from the given time is something that we should be wary of. Do the work yourself and you will have a good chance of finding the correct time. Hi everyone, i am searching a software for mundane astrology. Basically what i need is a function for searching constalation, like "Find every cardinal croos in between " or "Find Uranus 0Ar0 in tha between ".

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Anyone knows a software that could do that? I'm looking for a software as close as possible to the one of astro. Astrolabe Rumen Kolev's Placidus 5. I get a hijack warning from Firefox when I try to go to the download page for AstroWin. Anyone else have this problem? I can disable the lock-out but don't want to if there's a security problem with the redirected site. I don't see that Janus was mentioned. It is a powerful and affordable program and even includes the ability to do astro-locality with some pretty great maps, if you are into that.

Anyway, I think its a deal for all that is included with it. Based on your suggestion, I downloaded it yesterday. It took a bit to figure out the Python stuff but it all works together seamlessly once it's installed. I did have one issue, though. I downloaded the Traditional program first since I'm moving in that direction now. Then I downloaded the Modern program with all the planets and asteroids and installed it in a different directory.

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I figured I'd use them independently. But when I created and saved "modern" charts in that program, I could only access them in the "traditional" program. I think it's because I wasn't paying close attention to the folder path they went to when I saved them, or perhaps the program isn't precise enough on the look-up.

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Also, I couldn't find a "print" function. Looks like you have to save them as images ". Someone I know who is an experienced traditional astrologer says Morinus is "outstanding for a freebie. After many, many years using Matrix programs, I have to say you're mostly right.

I've had great service from their staff BUT, nothing but problems with their software. Their programs seem to need updated with every change in Windoze, and I used to be one of their biggest supporters.. I just gave up and stick to one or 2 functions as needed. At my stage of the game, not worth spending a ton on new software.

Hey, great thread. I already had astrolog, but I got Starfisher from this thread, and it's really good, I like it a lot. I'm trialling Janus which is very good, a lot more depth and features, I bet I've hardly tapped what can be done with it. I had a quick look but didn't find anything.

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Various astrology software are there, which are best and are very helpful. I gave this one a try and read incredously. It's absolutely the opposite for me. The kicker was this statement on my natal: "You will not be happy in life. Did anyone else have a similiar exact opposite description? It's too weird I liked Clairvision but I think they discontinued that?

I like to see my horaries in motion and visually - easier to understand. Thanks :smile:. Astrolog has an animate feature, and is free.

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It's a little funky with updating information sometimes when you switch from person to person in your database, and the help file is pretty much a redirect to their online fora. And I wish it did declinations and latitudes; as it stands I have to boot into my Wintel box and run ZET for that and even then I don't get heliocentric latitudes.

But other than that it does a fairly good job. It'll do tropical and sidereal zodiacs in geocentric, topocentric, and heliocentric calculations, has a host of built-in planets, asteroids, Arabic parts, and fixed stars you can add more asteroids from the Swiss Ephemeris FTP at Astrodienst , and probably more aspects than you need.

It'll do transits past, present, and future , progressions, returns, eclipses. And, as they say, the price is right. ZET9 is a very good program and very helpful for learning many many things.

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Although i have the free version, i find it the best of all the free programs. Check out this app. There is free daily horoscope, and u can contact professional astrologer. I will try it later and share my experience When I went to the site and tried to download it, I got presented with a viewer of all the files that were compressed into the ZIP. Trying a "Save File As..

The interesting thing is that through editing the plist file for aspects, I've been able to add harmonic aspects beyond the 5th and 7th it comes ready to do quintiles and septiles. So far I've gotten up to the 36th harmonic and I may not need to go much further than that. I'd love to be able to group those too, but I haven't found the method; turning these aspects on and off requires turning each individual aspect on and off, and now I've got several hundred aspects to choose from.

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You need to buy add-on modules to get the better material, but total cost - as long as you don't buy everything they offer - is still well below Solar Fire and similar high-end programs. A note about Morinus: if you're using the traditional essential and accidental dignities to determine planetary condition, Morinus is indispensable.

I use it all the time for finding the chart almuten since I'm often dissatisfied with contemporary methods for choosing the ruling planet. You can play around with the settings for different traditional methods Ptolemaic, Dorothean, Morin, etc. See Buid-in help, section 5: 5.

Customizing aspects To access advanced aspect editing features, you can copy the content of the shared folder to the AstrologerXP for iOS application shared folder with deleting all its original content before it , then specify advanced aspect features like multiple aspect pages, colors, symbols, etc. And, finally, the content of the AstrologerXP for iOS application shared folder should be copied back to its original place.

Just wondering, but is there a real astrology program for the iPad? I am not looking for the typical daily horoscope kind of programs, but one that calculates my radix and shows the cart. But its true - its really really nice astrology website.

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I highly recommend janus It great software it gives your chart wheel and aspect grid and display declination aspect and minor aspect it also has the option of midpoint. I've owned some version of Astroldeluxe from John Halloran since about Its run on every computer I had. While I also have a copy of Solar Fire Gold 7.

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Experience the best astrology software from Halloran Software - money-back guarantee / Free astrology software downloads / Weekly NewsScope column. Author of Astrology of Self-Discovery, Art of Chart Interpretation and more I just received the program for aspect patterns and I'm completely.

I also use the Astrodyne component of AD. And John will help you with any problem you might have.