Astrological glyphs and their meanings

Solar System Symbols

Ancient astrologers have given every astrological sign, the name of the constellation that was closest to that part of heaven in their time. This relationship between the zodiac signs and the arrangement of constellations in the sky was stretched over time and is no longer valid today. This means that one a Libra is not born when the Sun actually lies in the constellation of Libra. The twelve zodiac symbols represent animals, which are of Sumerian origin.

The 12 Zodiac Signs: Traits, Meanings, Symbols, Colors, and More!

These constellations in the sky appear to always be in the same place, relative to the season. However, over the centuries the movement of the Earth has changed with respect to its axis of rotation. This has caused a shift in zodiac signs. When constellations were given astrological symbols thousands of years ago, it was decided that March 21 would be Aries.

The Zodiac Signs of the Horoscope

The western astrology system still uses this system today. But in reality, the Sun still lies in the constellation of Pisces during spring time. The general character traits of each zodiac sign is listed below. Aries is the symbol of the beginning and is compared to the birth. It is the first astrological symbol which marks the beginning of spring. Taurus symbolizes the earth and fertility. Its meaning is mainly female and is linked to the Mother Earth and fertility.

Gemini is transient and marks the transition between spring and summer. For this, it turns out to be the perfect symbol of the volatility and fickleness. Cancer is placed in the middle of the summer solstice, which is why it is a rich sign of vitality, joyful, and emotional. Leo is a fire sign, arrives in the middle of summer when the vitality of nature is at its peak. The sun high in the sky makes those born under the sign of Leo extroverts and vital. The Virgo is an Earth sign that represents the closing of a cycle and the beginning of another. Libra is one among the 4 cardinal signs related to the equinoxes and solstices.

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And an air sign that marks the boundary on the path of evolution. Scorpio is a sign of water falling in the middle of autumn and the eighth of the zodiac signs.

The water represented by this sign hides under the surface as strong currents. Sagittarius is the ninth astrological symbol of the zodiac. It is a sign that is divided between the real and the ideal, a sign full of human warmth fire and passion. Capricorn is considered the door of the Gods from which you can get to higher levels of awareness and spirituality.

Aquarius is the symbol of steadfastness and reliability. The personality of Aquarius is abstract, linked to the mind and to the continuous ideas that revolve in the head. Pisces is the twelfth and last of the astrological symbols of the zodiac. A sign of water representing the flow and the roar of a river. The astrological symbols used in astrology are rooted in mythology.

Their Meanings and Origins

For example, the planetary symbols match the archetypes in our psyche. They are alive and powerful. With its theme of birth, each of us is connected to the universe in a unique way. Astrology can open the doorway to self-knowledge. It provides more clarity about ones personal quest and their relationships with others. It can help unlock hidden or suppressed potential. These powerful astrological symbols are likely to be around for many more years!

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Zodiac Symbols for Each Sign

Under the influence of the solid and practical Earth element , these three zodiac signs thrive on strength, determination, and practicality, and are at one with the physical world. Astrological runes are a perfect way to use the Glyphs for divine guidance. By understanding the symbol associated with each of the zodiac signs, you move one step closer to comprehending that ancient wisdom. Each individual glyph is meant to represent either a physical part of a body, a specific association, or both. She not only represents romantic love but also the love we put into ourselves, into the art we create and the seeds of love we plant into the universe. Your symbol, Aquarius , is the image of a male although in some very old texts it was a woman kneeling and holding two jugs in a downward, pouring gesture.

Tara Cochrane is an artist and writer who lives in Austin, Texas. Her website is www. Click here to view this report. Click here to view details of this software. Go back to Article Page. All Rights Reserved. Created Thursday, February 5, Each Nakshatra is traditionally associated with several symbolic objects, such as a fan, a sword or an ox cart, etc.

However, until the introduction of the Sirius program, there have been no simple glyphs for each of the 27 nakshatras. Without glyphs, it is sometimes a bit unwieldy to refer to the nakshatra positions.

Those Mysterious Astrological Symbols, Explained

Ashvini: This symbol mimics the traditional sign for Ashvini, a horse's head. This Nakshatra represents the "head", or the beginning of the zodiac. This symbol also resembles the female reproductive system.

How to Draw Astrological Symbols or Glyphs for Zodiac Signs & Planets

Ashvini relates to all initiations and beginnings. Bharani: Bharani is the Nakshatra of birth, death and transformation. It's symbol is the yoni. The triangle references the three stars which compose this asterism.

Astrology: Planetary Symbols and Influences

These three stars, also known as "the Buckle of Isis" where perceived by ancient astrologers as portal between worlds. Krittika: Krittika, "the one who cuts", is traditionally denoted by a blade or a flame. This symbol combines the two motifs, expressing this nakshatra's sharp, fiery and proactive nature. Rohini: Rohini, the most materialistic nakshatra is represented by a four-petaled flower.

This relates to its connection to the number four, as well as its typical emblem, the rose. Rohini relates to Taurine themes of fertility, stability, and abundance. Mrigashira: This symbol emulates Mrigashira's emblamatic cup of soma elixir. It also combines the symbols for Taurus and Gemini, the two zodiac signs which correspond to this nakshatra.

The curved line which reflects the horns of Taurus may also be interpreted as symbolic of Mrigashira's other motif, the deer. Ardra: This symbol combines this nakshatra's two emblems; the diamond and the raindrop or teardrop. Together, they provide a visual description of Ardra's theme of growth and renewal through chaos and turbulence.

Punarvasu : Punarvasu means, "becoming good again". Its symbol relates to themes of retrieving, recovering, and recycling. This nakshatra is traditionally denoted by a quiver of arrows magical weapons which return after fulfilling their mission. These arrows are depicted here in their circular path from beginning to return. Pushya: Pushya is the nakshatra of nourishment, generosity and kindness.

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