Philstar horoscope february 16 2020

Horoscopes for Saturday, Feb. 16, 12222

Catching up on friends' and loved ones' news could be fun and somewhat enticing. You might want to change your plans. If you don't go along with already-set plans, a friend might be upset.

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Your need to feel equal to others often can push you out the door and into shopping. Be wise; even if you see an irresistible item, honour your budget. Listen to someone's anger, but don't allow this person to trigger you. As the day progresses, you seem to blossom.

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You will need to deal with unanticipated news from someone at a distance. Don't hesitate to ask questions in order to get a better sense of what's going on. A parent or older friend could become demanding. Be sensitive to what's going on behind the scenes. You might not want to open up a conversation, but you will be responsive to another person's attempt. Until you learn more, keep some of your opinions to yourself. Even in an uncomfortable moment or discussion, friendship prevails. Don't push too hard to get your way. If you do, you'll receive some hard feedback.

Stay centred.

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Accept an invitation to get together with friends later. Others come forward with their opinions. A respected authority figure might draw a strong reaction from one of your loved ones. Look for a place of agreement. As a result, you will find the day more peaceful. Reach out for a loved one or a friend at a distance. You might love to hear some good news. Allow impulsiveness to play a role in your decisions. You have a lot of energy to expend. Choose to be active. A partner or close loved one has a lot to share. He or she would appreciate having some personal alone time with you. Be smart; make time.

You need to invest more of yourself in this relationship. Go along with another person's desires. You might not always agree with this person or bend to his or her desires. However, you need to indulge him or her more often. Caring builds.

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You want to handle some routine matters that surround your life. Although you might get an angry response, let a loved one know what you're doing. Make time for this person later in the day. This year, you experience a new pinnacle of your life. If single, a new beginning occurs. You might meet someone who will be a lifetime friend or loved one. Others naturally seek you out and love being with you.

If attached, your sweetie will dominate. You probably will not mind, as he or she dotes on you. Try to make this experience mutual. Leo makes a great friend. You might be deeply reflective, yet fiery and ready to take off. You handle this dichotomy very well, though others are often confused by your stance.

Successfully deal with a matter close to your heart before dusk. Your boss has a long list of to-do's. Your present perspective of the big picture could add to your somber mood. You could become more upbeat if you accomplish the lion's share of your work early on. All eyes turn to you.

Others clearly need your help.

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You might be distracted by a sudden attitude change from a key person in your life. You can worry about the situation, but it will not help. Instead, try to relax. Take time for a chat with a friend. Keep reaching out for someone who makes you feel great and helps you open up and identify with others. Your adaptability is your strong suit. Move through a difficult situation. Walk in another person's shoes. Work with the unexpected, and help anchor in what might be needed.

Your cheery personality emerges when dealing with others.


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You laugh and others move in closer. Your very nature creates friendship.

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You have felt better in the past. Nevertheless, you could be questioning which way to go. Your sense of humor comes through, lightening you up some. You might be surprised how this situation works itself out.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Saturday, Feb. 16, This year, you make waves wherever you go. You exude happiness and mental acumen. ARIES. Deception and illusion about personal and professional matters disappear and you face some truths. Emotional choices and difficult.

You might want to try another type of activity or do something very different. Your sense of humor emerges, helping others breeze through a somewhat difficult time. You have a lot to do and much energy to complete it.

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Take a stand if you feel it is important. Another person could be pushing very hard to have things tumble his or her way.

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Imagine the possibilities of changing gears and becoming more innovative. Consider following others' lead. You might want to move forward and attempt something totally new and experience-oriented. You could be anchored and want to move in a particular direction. Pull back and decide if this desire is grounded and will lead to success. You like what is happening around you.