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Taurus Horoscope 2020
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Earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn use logic more than other signs, so you're happy about Saturn's placement in earthy, practical Capricorn. This is a grounded energy you can connect with especially when it comes to tending to the details.

Saturn retrograde from late April until mid-September perpetuates slowdowns, though, temporarily impeding your progress. Expansive Jupiter also enters factual Capricorn in early December, increasing your desire to learn. Exploring educational pursuits, studying, and reading will help you advance to the next level.

Taurus 2020 love horoscope: Reflect on what YOU want

Air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius experience slow-moving Uranus who rules Aquarius making the transition from fiery Aries into slower-moving Taurus in early March. This mismatched energy Uranus likes to experiment, while Taurus takes the traditional route can impede progress, slowing down your hard work. Money-focused Venus moves into air sign Gemini in early June, presenting some prime moneymaking opportunities. Be practical, don't waver, and keep your eye on the prize.

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When your plans hit a snag, use your intuition to detangle them. Ethereal Neptune is retrograde in Pisces between late June and late November, so daydreams might be temporarily interrupted.

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If you've been living in denial, this could be a very rude awakening. Once you welcome the voice of reason, however, your year should get more successful. Halloween clears up the mystery and adds a sexy dash that becomes more intense than you expected after your dry spell.

Romantic energies flow deeply from November 15th through the 27th; can you plan a candlelit turkey dinner for two? Recognize a positive trend in January, and move forward fast while others are still lollygagging around the holidays. Build momentum to carry you through a crisis of confidence that might affect your work on the 21st and linger through February 19th.

Taurus 2019 – 2020 Astrology Annual Forecast

The 20th reverses any downward spiral. Enjoy two weeks of irrational exuberance, including the bonus of Leap Day. Self-employed people volunteer time and others initiate giving for a good cause in early April.

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From here, expect a month of supportive clients and validation of the ideas that brought everyone together in the first place. Negotiators and specialists strengthen your position after May 17th, letting you relax and enjoy the ride. Teamwork matters as the second quarter closes.

The intense rivalry between competitors that begins after Thanksgiving might end in a merger by winter solstice. You may even begin next year with your ideal job. Be proactive: What better gift could you give yourself? You need to monitor your expenses and plan your purchases very well.

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Now you are satisfied that your merits are acknowledged and, full of enthusiasm and confidence, you start planning new projects and establishing new contacts. If you are already involved in a stable relationship, you will hint to your partner that you are willing to continue only if you get more attention and tenderness.

It is not excluded to start up a company or organization, or to move your accounts to another bank, etc. Mars becomes direct from 14 th November. Saturn is in own sign Capricorn.

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From 23 rd March Saturn enters its other sign Aquarius. From 11 th May Saturn becomes retrograde in Aquarius.

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Want to read more about what to expect from your horoscope, Taurus? Late March through early May brings a lot of extra energy into your immediate. The year for Taurus professionals will be reasonably encouraging due to the planetary aspects.

From 2 nd July Saturn moving in retrograde mode again enters earth sign Capricorn. From 29 th September Saturn becomes direct in Capricorn.

Taurus 2020 horoscope

From 18 th December Saturn again enters fix nature last of air sign Aquarius. Jupiter is debilitated in Earth sign Capricorn. Jupiter becomes retrograde from 15 th May. Jupiter becomes direct from 13 th September. Jupiter enters a fix nature last of air sign Aquarius from 20 th December.

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