Gemini horoscope 11 march

Gemini Horoscope

Confusion and disappointment may force you to battle against the odds. Over idealization and gullibility can lead to loss, scandal or slander. December 12 to 26 — Full Moon December in Taurus is the last moon phase before the December 26 solar eclipse. December 15 to 23 — Mercury opposite your decan is the most hectic time of the month when the increased tempo of life could make you feel anxious or confused.

December 18 to 21 — Mercury square Neptune on the 19th distorts your thinking which can confuse and complicate discussions.

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So try to stick to the basics of communication to avoid misinterpretation or deception. Seek professional advice or help from a trusted friend for important decisions, legal or business matters. December 27 to January 6 — Venus trine your decan brings love, kindness, affection, gifts and compliments.

Extra charm, beauty, and popularity make this the best time of your Gemini horoscope for socializing and dating. Gemini horoscope December is based on planetary transits to Gemini Decan 2, not to houses, zones or sectors.

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Horoscope Today, March 11, Cancer - Jupiter and Venus are as benevolent a pair of planets as you could wish to have watching over. Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Monday 11th March Get ready for the best, Gemini. Soon you will receive a sentimental news that will.

October 6 to December 7 — Jupiter opposite your decan encourages you to get more out of life, to spend more, experience more, and have more fun. You may well get lucky, but too much focus on accumulating possessions or money could lead to moral bankruptcy. Because of Jupiter retrograde, you had this growth spurt earlier this year from February 8 to June December 9 to 13 — Venus conjunct Saturn on the 11th is a good time for responsibility and commitment in your love life, like moving in together, getting engaged or married.

A new romance could be with someone from work or from a different age group.

This is also the right time to end unhealthy relationships. December 11 to 22 — Sun opposite your decan brings pressure from competitors or superiors who seem to make your life difficult on purpose. December 12 to 26 — Full Moon December is Taurus the last moon phase before the December 26 solar eclipse. Those appearing for any examination during this phase can hope to get expected or better results.

If you give up extracurricular activities and focus solely on your studies, then you will get the desired results. Give your entire attention to studies, but give your mind time to rest as well. Always make sure to have a plan of what you want to take up or the choice of the stream that you would want to go for. Find out about the fee structure and whether you will be able to cope up with the syllabus, and then start preparing for the entrance examination accordingly.

Gemini Astrology Horoscope 11th March 2019

This will give you a clear vision of how to go about everything and also accomplish what you always wanted. Parents need to stop pressurizing kids with regards to the choice of streams and give them the flexibility of choosing what they are passionate about.

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If you choose something that you like, you feel all the more motivated to excel in it. This will encourage kids to perform well at school and colleges. There are a lot of new subjects and courses that you can go for now suggests the Gemini education horoscope. Just do something that matches your interests.

Dig deeper into past parental and societal conditioning surrounding marriage, sex, commitment, money, and power to discover what you value. Then you can not only gain financially but also deepen intimacy, emotional security, and mutually beneficial relationships that are worth their weight in gold.

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DEC 3, - The moon enters Pisces in the middle of the night and then sextiles Jupiter in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus, filling the night and starting the day with a burst of optimism and dreamy, spiritual, and creative energy. Read full overview. Are you ready to move forward?

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