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Scorpio ~ A year of rewards!! ~ 2020 Tarot Forecast

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Fletcher' Actress Kathryn Hahn's Husband. Talent Runs In The Family! What Does Treyway Mean? The Popular Slang Word Explained. Inyoung You Flees U. Drinking Bender. Happy Halloween! I love fall colors. Warm red, orange and brown, and purple to mix it up! Thank you so much for this giveaway! I love rich oranges and deep blues like at sunset. Nerf orange and blue is lovely as well. Vermillion and turquoise are choice. Dear Ami, I would love it if you used soothing colours, mossy greens are my favourite, I can never have enough greens on hand, also I love mosses.

I also love red hues like mapleleaf-red and berry tones.

February 23 – 24 12222: PISCES STELLIUM

I love what you do and have so much fun coloring!!! Great for ideas and inspiration!!! Love your work! Thank you for your inspiration and dedication! If I win the planner, please surprise me with colors of your choice on the colored page.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

Great contest idea! Smart friends are the best. Black, purple and blue would be amazing. Your creativity is amazing and many a wet and drecht day has been spent creating my own masterpieces from your creations. I love these Magickal coloring book of shadows and planners!!

Your work is wonderful! If I win you can surprise me with the colors you choose. Whatever colours inspire you!

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Surprise me! I love your books!!! My husband bought me a couple for my birthday last year. This old crone has had a new breath of life breathed into my practice through your work. At my age surprises are rare and much appreciated. That being said I think that a lot of people would love to see an autumn colored leaves, because a lot of people struggle with a coloring autumn colored leaves..

Deep Waters Of Renewal & Beginning | Moon Letter & Updates | October 27, 12222

Another tutorial that could be done that most people struggle with would be snow! You should try to do these in a circle so you can see how it is jewel toned and then apply that to your coloring page. Another jewel palette would be deco pink, and then magenta over the deco pink leaving a bit of deco pink alone this turns the magenta in a jeweled pink.


And also mixing process red with muted turquoise creates a jewel purple tone. And if you want to create a rich dark jewel colored purple mix process red with cobalt turquoise. Best of luck! I bought the spiral copy but was really regretting not buying the hardcover as well!! I love sharing the pages with my kids.

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Hi Amy! I love all your work. I love the simplicity and power of a black cauldron. Perhaps with a little rusty residue left by some powerful potion. And of course, Rose Quartz for comfort. Thanks for this contest!! You are the best!!! I would love to have one of your planners. Thank you very much! It would be a special gift to receive this beautiful book signed by you! As for colors, maybe some purple somewhere, but other than that, I would LOVE to see what you would do and the colors you would use for me! Thank again! You are truly awesome! I love this so much!! I favor mostly black, gray, dark colors.

Blesses be! Big fan of your work. I would love to have a signed copy.